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No matter what your fitness goals are Marbella Aerial Fitness will have something for you. We have a range of classes available for all different abilities and age groups.


Whether you just want a fun new way of getting fit or you want to become an aerial perfomer, we have a class for you. We promise you will laugh a lot!

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Class Info



Aerial Silks Classes

In these classes you will learn aerial silks tricks, transitions and drops so expect a couple of friction burns! For this reason, to minimise friction burns and bruises, I would always suggest leggings and a vest top, or tight fitting sportswear. Baggy clothing can get caught up in equipment which is not ideal. The class is barefoot and bring some water!



Aerial Hoop Classes

In these classes you will learn, tricks, transitions, rolls, drops and spins! The hoops are solid steel and can cause some friction burns or bruises so make sure you are covered up. I would always suggest leggings and a vest top, or tight fitting sportswear. Baggy clothing can get caught up in equipment which is not ideal. The class is barefoot and bring some water!

Strength and Conditioning

Our strength and conditioning class incorporates aerial equipment as well as body weight movements to help you gain the strength you need to achieve everything you want to in the air. Prepare yourself for an hour of hard work!


Flexibility and Mobility 

Our 'Flex and Mobs' class is a combination of different stretching techniques as well as different muscle release techniques that are key for keeping aerialists safe and injury free! We aim to improve your flexibility but also your range of movement.

Open Practice (only on certain dates)

Open practice is where we open up the studio for you to come and practice the skills you have been learning in class. We will have a variety of aparatus up for you to work on. This time is not suitable for beginners. This is not a lesson. It is a time for practice only, not learning.


Private 1-2-1 Tuition 

Private tuition is available on request and costs 80€ an hour for one person or small groups with a max of 4 people costs 100€. These classes are designed to do whatever you want them to. if you just want to get fit and have a more intensive training session, or progress quickly and build strength, or you want to train for a performance or any other particular goal, then these classes allow us to help you on an individual basis. Please enquire to find out available times and dates.


Doubles Workshops

Every now and again we offer aerial doubles workshops which involve partner work (we will find you a partner if you don't already have one!) which means 2 people on the same piece of equipment. These classes are great fun, you will laugh a lot! You will also get to be creative with the shapes you can create by having an extra body.



Aerial Workshops

We also run aerial workshops at venues accross the country which are great if you have a group of people that just want to give aerial a try or if you want to work on something specific such as strength moves, dymanic tricks, fluidity, doubles, choreography and so on. If you want to arrange a workshop at your venue please don't hesitate to get in touch for more information and pricing.



For all classes we require up front payment and all membership fees are due on the 1st of the month. Missed classes will not be refunded.


Adult Pricing

1 class / week

55 euros

2 classes / week 

90 euros 

4 classes / week

120 euros

Single class

15 euros

Kids Timetable - In Purple

Private Classes start from 80 euros an hour

Kids classes from age 8+
Kids Timetable 2022_edited.jpg

Kids Pricing

Kids pricing is per term (every 3 months) for an updated price for the cost of the rest of this term please contact +34 628 893 004

Marbella Aerial Fitness offers performers for any occasion in the following disciplins:


Aerial Hoop

Aerial Silks

Aerial Rope

Aerial Tipping Hoop


Aerial Hoop Double acts

Aerial Silks Double acts

Pole Double acts


For more information or to book a performance or party please contact us on +34 628 893 004 or email

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